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High quality cotton, how to distinguish?

Do you pay attention to the fabric of garments you usually buy? Is there a difference between cotton fabrics and different garments made of cotton? The answer is definitely yes. There are different types of cotton fabrics and it is very important to pay attention to the quality of garments you are buying, especially when choosing an item for a child. Not every cotton product is the same, as there is possibility to choose between different types of yarn, which differ in price, to produce the same item. There can be a cotton T-shirt made of a high quality cotton and a lower quality cotton. This will be easily noticeable by a simple touch of the garment. Even a stiff...

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Spring mood in the air! Peter Jo Kids prerelease of new collection!

Our beloved and dearest parents and mothers in particular, we are pleased to announce, that our collection of spring/summer 2018 is on the way and as usual full of colours and freshness!  While creating new models we were thinking of comfort for your children and soft natural materials, to maintain the philosophy of our brand. The whole line of clothes is made of 100% cotton, which is the best choice for your children to accompany their every day life and activities in this upcoming spring/summer season. As usual there is a choice of sizes for your child, starting from the early age till 6 years old. Different colour options and models, suitable for every occasion! We hope you will love...

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Stripes addiction PeterJoKids and Mother Lynne with her sons!

Would you like to know more about our products from the words of other mothers? What do they think about our products? Why did they choose us? And in particular some interesting details on the items you've been thinking to buy on our online shop, but didn't know, if you would really like them? In this article mother blogger Lynne is talking about her experience with the Stripes T-Shirts from our summer collection. The T-Shirts are made of a special fabric, called Cotton Jersey, which is very soft and comfortable by a close contact with the skin. By feeling the fabric has a special peach skin effect. The textile is named for the island of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, located...

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PeterJoKids conquista le mamme italiane!

PeterJoKids essendo il marchio internazionale, che vende online i prodotti con le consegne in tutto il mondo ha conquistato anche il cuore di mamma blogger Ilenia e sua figliotta Azzurra (3 anni)! Ilenia ha scritto un articolo sul prodotto di PeterJoKids, scelto specialmente per la piccola Azzurra: una maglietta rosa con il gufo stampato sul petto. Una maglietta speciale e decisamente molto divertente! Per leggere di più su cosa pensa Ilenia sui vestitini del nostro marchio cliccate qui:  

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Organic clothes of PeterJoKids and Zoe with Her Daughter Alyssia

Why is it important to have a look at the composition tag of a garment you are choosing for your child? Because natural fabrics, with a composition of 100% cotton or organic cotton are allergies free. Meaning, that you don't have to worry about the irritations on the skin or any allergic reactions of your child. You can find out more about the specific features of clothes made by PeterJoKids and the personal experience of Mummy Blogger Zoe and her little daughter Alyssia (18 Months) by clicking on this link:  

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