PETER JO - Natural Clothing

offers a range of natural and sustainable clothing for children and women.

Our garments are crafted from organic cotton and linen, inspired by nature and designed for comfort.

Made in Portugal with ethical and eco-friendly practices, we embrace our love for nature and aim to empower you to be your true, natural self.

Discover our collection and feel free, comfortable, and confident in your conscious fashion choice.

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Baby Romper Lady Sea Salt | Peter Jo Natural

Natural, Timeless Apparel

We invite you to explore our spring-summer collection and feel the magic of Portuguese culture in every stitch.

Let your little ones start their enchanting journey, dressed in our natural clothes made of breathable linens and the softest organic cottons.

Organic Sweatshirt Bass Pink Kids | Peter Jo

Organic versatile styles for every season

Dedicated to women/mothers and children with an emphasis on unisex styles and designs.

A focus on soft organic fabrics expresses our true dedication to sustainability.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of our clothing, suitable for all seasons and weathers.

  • Bamboo

    a cellulosic fiber that is regenerated from bamboo plant. Elastic, environment-friendly, and biodegradable.

  • Linen

    is the fibre that’s been there for you all along. Durable, resourceful, and gives more than it takes. It is breathable, highly absorbent and naturally insect repelling.

  • Organic cotton

    made sustainably and responsibly, so the planet feels just as good as you do while wearing it. Wear it, and love it

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