PETER JO is a brand of organic and eco-friendly children's clothing sustainably made in Portugal. 

Made to last, with love for Nature, with love for Earth.

Natural, neutral, unisex baby, kids, and women's clothes, soft and sustainable organic cotton, linen, and muslin cotton.

Our concept is based on the preservation of the environment and resources, the correct disposal of stocks, and social responsibility.



The desire to introduce eco-friendly high-quality clothing for children, made of soft organic fabrics is the origin of the foundation of our brand PETER JO, locally produced in Porto since 2016.  

 PETER JO is an independent, family-run business, and like you, we care deeply for our environment and community. We believe in conscious creation and strive to deliver collections that pioneer sustainability. 

How it started:

The idea came from a personal experience, as it was and still is very difficult to find quality children's clothing made in Europe with an emphasis on sustainability, impact on the environment, soft fabrics, and safety for children. Most stores simply don't have it and we are surrounded by low-quality fast fashion which has no personality and little concern for the health of the children who wear these clothes and the people who make these clothes.

The results of our inspiration and taste are fully reflected in PETER JO's collections. We work closely with the manufacturer and local suppliers in Portugal, so we receive and exchange a lot of expertise, knowledge, and ideas.

In fact, the process of creating our collections requires a lot of time and testing. Therefore, before reaching the final variant, which is included in the collection, we go through a lot of details, including practical characteristics of the garments, durability and wearing comfort, shrinkage during the wash cycle, etc., the materials, and even the placement of all the details on the clothes, because it is very important to create an easy-to-wear garment for a child and a parent.

Above all, we value natural organic fabrics and accessories, which are beneficial for children.

Our concept is based on the preservation of the environment and resources through the use of natural fiber fabrics, proper disposal of stocks, and social responsibility.

The creation of each piece of our collections involves a lot of professional expertise. From the correct modeling and sizing of the garment, to provide a perfect and comfortable fit, to the careful placement of details and accessories.

Preserving traditions and sustainability.