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Sweatshirt Bird Print

Peter Jo Kids

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Sweatshirt Bird Print
Sweatshirt Bird Print

Your kid will love this sweatshirt, just because it has such a comforting soft green color and a lovely print of a bird on a branch. It is so great for a cool summer evening, when you go for a walk with your little ones. Long sleeves and soft stretchable cuffs, the material is so natural and breathable, so the kids can run and play as long as they want! It is suitable for both girls and boys.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • High quality light fabric, produced in Portugal, has a soft touch and fits sensitive skin
  • Print - designed by hand and has a soft texture
  • Passed pre-washing tests - does not shrink
  • Soft composition tag - does not scratch the skin
  • Comfortable positioning of the brand tag on the side stitch 
  • Made in Portugal

   Size 2 Y = 92 3 Y = 98 4 Y = 104 6 Y = 116
A Height (cm) 37 39 41 45
B Chest (cm) 27 29 31 35
C Neck opening (cm) 14 14 14 15
D Sleeve (cm) 33 35 37 41

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