Stripes addiction PeterJoKids and Mother Lynne with her sons!

Would you like to know more about our products from the words of other mothers? What do they think about our products? Why did they choose us? And in particular some interesting details on the items you've been thinking to buy on our online shop, but didn't know, if you would really like them?

In this article mother blogger Lynne is talking about her experience with the Stripes T-Shirts from our summer collection. The T-Shirts are made of a special fabric, called Cotton Jersey, which is very soft and comfortable by a close contact with the skin. By feeling the fabric has a special peach skin effect. The textile is named for the island of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, located between England and France. 

To know more about the personal experience of Lynne and her sons, wearing our Stripes T-Shirts you can find out by clicking on this link: