Spring mood in the air! Peter Jo Kids prerelease of new collection!

Our beloved and dearest parents and mothers in particular, we are pleased to announce, that our collection of spring/summer 2018 is on the way and as usual full of colours and freshness! 

While creating new models we were thinking of comfort for your children and soft natural materials, to maintain the philosophy of our brand. The whole line of clothes is made of 100% cotton, which is the best choice for your children to accompany their every day life and activities in this upcoming spring/summer season.

As usual there is a choice of sizes for your child, starting from the early age till 6 years old. Different colour options and models, suitable for every occasion!

We hope you will love our new ideas and we can't wait to present them to you! Keep updated with PeterJoKids!

Our Brand is wishing you a wonderful start of the season!

Always sincerely yours, Peter Jo Kids