High quality cotton, how to distinguish?

Do you pay attention to the fabric of garments you usually buy? Is there a difference between cotton fabrics and different garments made of cotton?

The answer is definitely yes. There are different types of cotton fabrics and it is very important to pay attention to the quality of garments you are buying, especially when choosing an item for a child. Not every cotton product is the same, as there is possibility to choose between different types of yarn, which differ in price, to produce the same item. There can be a cotton T-shirt made of a high quality cotton and a lower quality cotton. This will be easily noticeable by a simple touch of the garment. Even a stiff and thick cotton fabric, if it is of a high quality, will feel always very soft on the skin. If the fabric doesn't feel soft, but rigid, it was probably made with shorter fibres, meaning, that it will not have a long durability and is definitely not pleasant to wear. 

Good quality cotton fabric has a smooth pattern with no gaps between the threads or different size of threads. It is easy to check, by a precise look at the fabric.

The density of a good cotton fabric plays a big role, too. It shouldn't be transparent and let a lot of light to come through. If it does, this is the first sign of a low quality cotton fabric and of its short durability. 

As a conclusion a few tips how to care for your cotton fabric garments and increase their durability:

* wash garments in warm or cool water, as hot water can cause cotton to shrink

* iron garments while these are slightly damp and use an appropriate level of temperature, fitting cotton fabrics

* avoid high heats, while drying clothes, as these can cause cotton fibers to shrink

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